We are well versed with the Software and Hardware of Mobile Technology from A to Z. Mobile technology has presently transformed into a digital world and has made our lives and businesses much easier; salesmen now have the ability to sell their products with ease through mobile technology. The mobile technology has made it possible for the users to transfer files through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The mobile is also equipped with internet connectivity, making it easier for the user to gain and send information. Video call conferencing is another aspect that has come to a reality through mobile technology. Businessmen and customers now have the access to communicate even without seeing one another in person amidst the current COVID - 19 pandemic. With the use of mobile technology, it is also very easy to access every form of entertainment.

It has also made it possible for one to easily locate places on the globe using the global positioning system (GPS). Especially in the business world, the importance of mobile technology cannot be overemphasized. Many business firms use mobile technology to increase their earnings by providing customers the ability to patronize their products through various apps and websites. The evolvement of mobile technology has made our life much easier in so many ways.


We have created a brand name for Laser Mobile Technology (Pvt) Ltd by looking after each of our customers with an equal amount of care and responsibility. In the most crucial times our success and our brand name has helped people to recognize us among our competitors.

We have combined areas of competency, particularly technological sophistication and self-efficacy to implement brand management by streamlining customs and procedures.


We sell and undertake troubleshooting of any brand of mobile phones but specifically we are experts in Apple phones. Our commitment to customer support is depicted through the number of repeated and satisfied customers we get throughout the day. Full support is provided by the company’s team of technicians whose primary function is to provide a comprehensive service to the customers to ensure that the products they purchase from us are in a perfect working condition.

Our priority is to solve issues in the quickest possible manner. Response to problems is immediate within the warranty period and the time replacement provided and then the repairs are carried out. We are proud to state that we have the best support service team for our customers. We have our well qualified and experienced technicians to assist you. More over our prices are reasonable.


We are aware that you are afraid to take your mobile phones for repairing purposes thinking that the confidential data you carry in your mobile phones might fall into wrong hands. We will repair your mobile phones right in front of you assuring full confidentiality and privacy of your data.

We are the one and only company that gives this type of extraordinary services. We can repair even a mobile phone which has been condemned by repairing shops, so we request you to bring it us if there is any issue as such.